SAG Eligible Actress


Feature Films

  • Pipeline (supporting lead)
  • Zoo (supporting)
  • Bad Angels (supporting)
  • I Still Have Joy (supporting)
  • Three pt. 2 (supporting)
  • The Substitute (supporting)

Short Films

  • Robbers (lead)
  • Transit (lead)
  • Chimera (lead)
  • The Pick Up (lead)
  • Connie (lead)
  • Art 540 (lead)
  • Dream (lead)
  • Guest (lead)
  • Pain(t) (lead)
  • Core Competency (lead)
  • Marital Rape is Real (lead)
  • Minutes After Midnight (lead)
  • Incognito (supporting lead)
  • The Gospel According to Miguel (supporting lead)
  • No Country for Old Lizards (supporting lead)
  • Gains (supporting)
  • Switched (supporting)
  • Swagless in the City (supporting)

TV / New Media

  • Meanwhile in the Barracks... (guest star)
  • Motive to Murder (guest star)
  • Thou Shalt Not (guest star)
  • Ice Cold Killers (guest star)
  • Panic (co-star)
  • For My Man (co-star)
  • Diamondz in a Rough (co-star)


  • Cyber Detectives
  • NYU Speech Pathology Videos
  • ReachMD Videos
  • DuPont Safety Videos
  • Carmax Ethics Videos
  • Weis Training Videos
  • Leidos Military Shoot
  • PwC Talent Link Videos
  • Greensboro PD Videos
  • FAA Social Media Videos
  • EEOC Sexual Harassment Videos
  • Mytonomy Medical Videos
  • PLT Green Schools Video Series
  • Memphis PD Videos
  • Pfizer Demo

Commercials - available upon request

Languages: Spanish, Hindi, English, Urdu

Accents: Neutral American, Indian

Special Skills: Athletic, Dance (Bollywood, Lyrical, Kathak, Folk, Salsa), Hiking, Biking, Jogging, Badminton, Teleprompter, Driving, Running, Cooking

Valid US Passport